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Still looking for the perfect Notion AI alternative? GenApe's AI Document Editor offers powerful AI-driven features, enabling you to achieve a fully automated writing process effortlessly. With GenApe, you can seamlessly generate text and images, write, edit content, and organize summaries all in one place.

Generate, edit, and rewrite in one place with GenApe AI


Generate text and images in one place


Edit formats and content according to personal needs


Rewrite the original text without switching pages


All-in-One Text and Image Generation

Simply enter a keyword, and the AI Document Editor will automatically generate relevant article content and corresponding images, significantly enhancing your creation efficiency.

All-in-One Text and Image Generation
Customize Format and Content to Your Needs

Customize Format and Content to Your Needs

Flexibly adjust the structure, font, and more to perfectly present your content, satisfying your personalized requirements.

Edit Original Text Without Switching Pages

Make text modifications and replace images on the same page without repeatedly switching between different pages, improving work efficiency and editing smoothness.

Edit Original Text Without Switching Pages

Intelligent Editing to Meet All Your Needs

Designed for modern professionals, the all-in-one editing tool effortlessly handles writing articles, summarizing key points, and creating eye-catching ad images. From ideation to finalization, it optimizes your workflow intelligently, allowing you to focus on creativity and improve productivity. No need to switch between different pages or software; the AI Document Editor perfectly integrates text, image, and format editing, offering you an unprecedented editing experience.

Intelligent Editing to Meet All Your Needs

How to Use the AI Document Editor?


Step 1: Prepare a Draft

Before using the AI Document Editor, prepare the text draft you want to edit or create, which can be an outline, key points, or a complete text.


Step 2: Select AI Tools

Choose from over 60 text assistants or image tools to assist your content creation, or select any text content and press Enter to get help from our AI assistant.


Step 3: Edit the Document

Edit the text as easily as using traditional Word processing software, using the toolbar buttons to set text formatting.


Step 4: Save or Export the Document

After editing, you can share it with others via a link to showcase your masterpiece anytime, anywhere!

AI Document Editor FAQs
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